The Monkey is Off My Back—My Covid-19 Experience

June 8, 2020

I’m 64 and I’ve been a diabetic for 20 years.  On paper I’m high-risk in 2 categories due to my age and since 50% of diabetics that contract Covid-19 die.  On the plus side, I have been taking a health supplement for glutathione enhancement for 10 years.  In addition to experiencing many benefits attributed to glutathione, I have not had the flu or even a cold.  Glutathione enhancement optimizes your immune system.  Since my health and my life are at stake, the odds have got to be almost 100% for me to risk exposure.

There are several home poker games going every night in the LA area.  Almost all the players are young and don’t wear a mask.  I predicted there would be an outbreak in the private games, but it was almost non-existent until the final week of May.  On the evening of May 25th, I experienced a slight cough.  Potentially being exposed to the Covid-19 daily, every cough and sneeze creates paranoia.  I wondered if this was the same false call, but the next day I felt muscle aches and body chills.  It felt like the early stages of the flu.  I also felt very tired so wrapped in a blanket, I slept.  When I woke on Wednesday, I felt tired, but the symptoms were gone.  I did have phlegm I would occasionally cough up, but I wondered if this wasn’t my seasonal allergy.  My head felt a little light-headed.  Realizing the highly contagious nature of Covid-19, I decided I should get tested.  The next available appointment would be the next day.  I decided between fatigue and self-quarantine, I would just rest at home.  Sunday morning, I received notification that I was Positive.  I was also to self-quarantine for 14 days from the 1st symptoms.

On Saturday, June 6, I went and retested.  Sunday morning, I received a Positive notification.  Damn, this is a pesky virus, I thought.  This morning, 14 days after I noticed my 1st symptom, I got 2 calls from the LA County Health Department.  I 1st one was a contact tracing call and I was given a number to their resident.  He said I was no longer contagious, and I could end the self-quarantine.  Not 30 minutes went by when I received a call from a doctor.  He told me that the dead Covid-19 virus can stay in your body for weeks but that I was no longer contagious.

I knew I would recover but until you get a clean bill of health, there is still a sense of uncertainty.  Now the universe has righted itself.  In a couple of weeks, GD Biosciences will conduct antibody tests for igG.  Its presence means I will have immunity for a couple of years.  If it turns out to be otherwise, I will let you know.  In A Brand New World, glutathione enhancement is Survival of the Fittest.