The Book of Five Rings

Written around 1645 by Japan’s greatest samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, this is required reading for Japanese businessmen and the Navy Seals. The people in this section exemplify his thought process for developing strategy whether or not they have read this book. Great minds think alike.

The Legacy of Fukushima Sensei

I was born and raised in the “Village” of Okinawa. Tsuruo Fukushima was a member of the U.S Civil Service as was my father that worked and lived as part of the “Village” that provided support for the U.S. military mission on the island, “The Keystone of the Pacific”.

Henry Orenstein

I met Henry in the late 80’s when he came out to play at the Bicycle Club card room from the East Coast. While playing stud during the day, he invited Mori Eskandani and I out to dinner at his favorite restaurant in Century City to which we both accepted.

Dewey Tomko- An Enigma

“Do you need a passport to go to Hawaii?” “What language do they speak in London?” “Is there something other than French Fries to eat…