A Covid-19 Testimonial

March 31, 2020

Editor’s Note:    The following are 2 anecdotal testimonials by two individuals about their experiences with Max International’s proprietary products MaxOne and Cellgevity respectively.  This is not conclusive medical science, nor does it suggest any other person will experience the same result. 

Per our conversation, I just wanted to thank you for helping me during this time for my family.

Here is my testimonial. Sorry, it is so long.

” My name is Deena Gabr, and this is my testimony. I met Yosh Nakano back in February In Los Angeles,  California through friend a mine Ms. Diane Nguyen for a meeting regarding learning more about the Product as I became familiar about the product during a Poker Tournament earlier that year. I briefly remembered his discussion about the Corona Virus when I mentioned that our company does massive work in the Asian regions of the world. He stated: ‘We aim to be fighting the virus with our product.’ I remembered it so clearly as I laid in my bed wondering if I would actually get better as I was one of the unlucky ones that caught the virus.

March 12th, 2020, I began feeling a sore throat as the news and social media was preparing for quarantine. I did the same. I went to the grocery stores and prepared to be taking care of three children as school was out for spring break. I was fine, I didn’t think anything of the sore throat.

March 14th, I began a fever like no other. It was painful, couldn’t sleep, lay down, walk, or prepare food for my children. I fought like a flu. Tylenol was recommended by my older brother that is a physician. Tylenol lasted me 4 hours and the fever hit, and pain worsened. So, I saw a pattern, that was the time I was able to get up prepare food for my kids and get some disinfecting in. I was fatigued all day.

March 22, 2020, I sent Mr. Nakano a Facebook message letting him know I remember our discussion and I would like to at least try the product since I wasn’t improving. It has been over a week and I was scared for my kids. Mr. Nakano overnighted the product and gave me instructions and additional informational videos for assurance and education on the product. Everything matched up down to the symptoms and results.

I began my supplements March 25th, 2020. At this time, I now have started the pneumonia phase and began coughing a dry cough and breathing difficulty as if I was choking and drowning. I took 2 pills a day morning and two pills in the evening as instructed. There was no longer a fever.

March 28th, 2020, I began to see results as I continued to have decreased heaviness in the chest right side. Breathing was not 100 percent but can see an improvement. I am now able to lay down and sleep at night.

March 29 and 30th, felt complete relief in chest and was able to jog lightly without cough or trouble breathing. It was my first day out of the house for exercise and sunlight.

April 1st, 2020. Tightness in chest relieved.

I truly believe and am very grateful that the supplements accelerated my recovery and helped me improve. Alongside, given instructions of strengthening my immune system by taking in fruits, vegetables, and hot drinks including soups and lemon water with honey, I was able to recover. with a push. I want to thank Mr. Yosh Nakano for supporting my recovery and giving me daily check-ins and assistance from afar. He may have actually saved my life. For that, I cannot repay.”

Best Regards,

Deena Gabr